September Is #AllAbout #SummerOnMyMind – Part 5/5

As you already know, in September on the #WeAreFabulous blog we celebrate the endless summer. Today I want to share with you the fifth and final #SummerOnMyMind look starring the very interesting Zara shorts from the fabulous sportswear collection.

What’s your favourite look in the series? If you haven’t already, check out the five suggestions and cast your vote in the comments section below.

Let it be summer all year long, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous!

Barcelona_Summer4_1 Barcelona_Summer4_3 Barcelona_Summer4_4 Barcelona_Summer4_5 Barcelona_Summer4_6 Barcelona_Summer4_7

I AM WEARING: Shirt, Shorts – Zara; Low-Top Sneakers – Converse All Star; Tank Top, Straw Hat – H&M; Ring – Mango; Sunglasses, Wristwatch – Fossil

Photos: © Crina Stanciu

September Is #AllAbout #SummerOnMyMind – Part 4/5

As revealed in the first chapter of the #OanaCrinaSorinBarcelona story, Barcelona is the ideal shopping city, especially if you are a fan of the Inditex merchandise. While I still did not find my dream Zara outlet, we went to a Pull&Bear outlet where I found this “Imagine Lennon” T-shirt that stars in the fourth #SummerOnMyMind look. I’ve matched it with a pair of denim shorts from Bershka—one of the summer #musthaves—and the H&M straw hat. Out of the five looks in the series, this is the only one in which I’ve replaced the floral with the red Converse low-tops.

Check back the blog tomorrow as I will be posting the last September #AllAbout look—it’s actually my favourite and we shot it in the magnificent Parc del Laberint.

Let’s imagine the summer lasts forever, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous!

Barcelona_Summer5_4 Barcelona_Summer5_7Barcelona_Summer5_8 Barcelona_Summer5_1

I AM WEARING: “Long Live LNDN” Bag – Topman; Low-Top Sneakers – Converse All Star; Denim Shorts – Bershka; Straw Hat – H&M; Sunglasses – Mangoo; Wristwatch – Swatch; “Imagine” T-Shirt– Pull&Bear

Photos: © Crina Stanciu

September Is #AllAbout #SummerOnMyMind – Part 3/5

Since discovering Dutch brand Scotch & Soda I instantly fell in love with their shirts. I love the details on the sleeves or the bow ties they accessorize the garments with. They’re a signature touch that helps the clothes stand out. This year, for my 28th BDay, I received a fabulous checked shirt, which stars in the third #SummerOnMyMind look below.

The look is inspired by the magnificent blue mosaics in the Park Güell.

We have two more looks to go, so check back the blog tomorrow to see the next one.

Let’s live the endless summer, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous!

Barcelona_Summer3_1 Barcelona_Summer3_4 Barcelona_Summer3_3_1 Barcelona_Summer3_5

I AM WEARING: Checked Shirt – Scotch & Soda; Low-Top Sneakers – Converse All Star; Shorts – Zara; Straw Hat – H&M; Sunglasses – Mango

Photos: © Crina Stanciu

September Is #AllAbout #SummerOnMyMind – Part 2/5

As announced, we continue the endless summer celebration on the #WeAreFabulous with another #SummerOnMyMind look. The avid readers of the site know that I’ve made a huge obsession for the fabulous Zara sport shorts. Honestly, I would wear them anywhere, anytime. I kept the H&M straw hat and the Converse floral low-tops and added a Topman paisley ombre T-shirt to complete the mix.

We have three more looks to go, so check back the blog tomorrow to see the next one.

Let’s live the endless summer, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous!

Barcelona_Summer_1_1 Barcelona_Summer_2_2 Barcelona_Summer_3_1 Barcelona_Summer_4 Barcelona_Summer_5

I AM WEARING: T-Shirt, “Long Live LNDN” Bag – Topman; Low-Top Sneakers – Converse All Star; Sport Shorts – Zara; Straw Hat – H&M; Sunglasses – Fossil; Wristwatch – Swatch

Photos: © Crina Stanciu

September Is #AllAbout #SummerOnMyMind – Part 1/5

Some say summer is over, but on the #WeAreFabulous blog summer lasts all year long. If August was #AllAbout sportswear, in September we celebrate the endless summer with a #SummerOnMyMind edition of the monthly column.

The star items this month are the H&M straw hat and the always-fabulous floral Converse low-tops. September also marked a short vacation in Barcelona (see Chapter 1 and Chapter 2), so I took the opportunity to shoot 5 looks in 5 fabulous locations as follows:

You know the drill, I’ll be posting one look a day, so make sure to come back tomorrow.

Before we get started I want to thank my #fabfriend Crina Stanciu for the pics.

Let’s live the endless summer, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous!

Barcelona_Summer1_1 Barcelona_Summer1_3 Barcelona_Summer1_2

I AM WEARING: Pants – River Island; Low-Top Sneakers – Converse All Star; T-Shirt – Zara; Straw Hat – H&M; Sunglasses, Wristwatch – Fossil

Photos: © Crina Stanciu

#OanaCrinaSorinBarcelona – Part 2/2

You’ve all been waiting for it, right? The wait is over—here it is, the second chapter of the fabulous #OanaCrinaSorinBarcelona trip. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the first part of the gallery here.

Go travel the world, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous! Olé!

sagrada10 sagrada11 oanacrinasorin_20 oanacrinasorin_21

All of the Sagrada Familia lights

sagrada1 sagrada2 sagrada3 sagrada5 sagrada6 sagrada7 sagrada8

The most beautiful architecture in the world

pedrera1 pedrera2

Photos: © Sorin Istrate

#OanaCrinaSorinBarcelona – Part 1/2

After a short stop in 2010 in which I I saw enough to make me want to desperately come back, we’ve finally booked a 5-day trip to Barcelona. #OanaCrinaSorinBarcelona was one of those relaxed trips in which we perfectly combined our different interests, visited the main attractions, tasted the local flavour, and, most important, stayed drama-free. Unintentionally, we’ve wandered through the streets of the city, discovering it in the best possible way, by foot.

I fell in love with Gaudi’s work. Sagrada Familia is one of the most positive, warm churches I set my foot in, while the terrace of the La Pedreda was my personal highlight—it really has the most beautiful architecture. It was one of the things that deeply impressed and inspired me.

Before you check the gallery below, make sure to consider these #fabtips if you are planning a vacation here:

1. Buy your tickets online.

This proved an extremely wise solution as we did not have to wait in line for endless hours at all the attractions; especially efficient at Sagrada Familia or Park Guell where the queue is usually huge.

2. Shop till you drop! Take advantage of the numerous outlets & lefties stores.

Unfortunately we did not shop till we dropped, but I strongly encourage you to not copy the behaviour. Here are a few addresses that you might find helpful: Heron City Outlet Mall, there’s Outlet No.1 and one lefties store in Plaça de la Universitat, Mango Outlet on Carrer Girona, 37. We’ve also read about a Zara outlet store on Av. Diagonal, 132.

3. Parc del Laberint Horta is a #mustsee.

Go travel the world, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous! Olé!

oanacrinasorin_1 oanacrinasorin_2 oanacrinasorin_5 oanacrinasorin_3 oanacrinasorin_4 oanacrinasorin_6 oanacrinasorin_7 oanacrinasorin_9 oanacrinasorin_10 oanacrinasorin_11 oanacrinasorin_12 oanacrinasorin_14 oanacrinasorin_15 oanacrinasorin_13 oanacrinasorin_16

Photos: © Sorin Istrate